The Frog who dreamed of being a King

This one is very popular, probably my best seller. It's a funny little zen fable about a frog who isn't happy with who he is, and what happens to him when he tries to change the conditions of his nature.
Here's an excerpt from The Frog...

"When I look down,
I can see birds down there,
I must be a king now,
This high up in the air."

But then he felt cold,
From a westerly breeze,
And said, "Sheesh, it's freezin',
Way up high in these trees!

"Why, what would I do,
If it started to snow?"
Then the frog heard a voice,
From a branch below.

A squirrel said, "What 'cha doin',
Way up in our tree,
And just who the heck are you?
C'mon, answer me!"

Then the frog puffed his chest,
Like a proud little thing,
And said, "I am a frog,
And I am your king!"

Recommended for ages 5 - 135 $12

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