Michael Neeley

Actor, Stuntman,

A.F.T.R.A., A.E.A., S.A.G.

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Bio Michael is retired and living in Santa Cruz, California with his wife Grace, and young son, Tristan.

You can see Tristan's own page by clicking here.

Michael is a founding member of the Silver Knights and has trained many jousters across America, including Jeff DeRocker, Alen O'Hara, Justin Thompson, Chris DeTroy, and Sir Eric.


Acting Resume


TELEVISION & FILM_______________



SPECIAL ABILITIES_______________

Stunt Shows

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Stage Actor/combatant

Able to execute and choreograph various types of combat...
  1. Sword fights
    1. Broadsword
    2. Broadsword on horseback
    3. Broadsword and shield
    4. 2 Broadswords vs. 2 Broadswords
    5. Rapier
    6. Rapier on horseback
    7. Rapier/Dagger
    8. Rapier and cloak
    9. Spear throwing from horseback
    10. Spear and shield
    piercing the apple
  2. Other
    1. Quarterstaff
    2. Knife
    3. Unarmed fights
    1. punches
    2. slaps
    3. Grappling

Additional Abilities
  1. Advanced equestrian
  2. English and western saddle
  3. 4 ft. jumps
  4. Competitive jousting
  5. Ring jousting
  6. Mounted swordfights
  7. Mounted tournament games/sword
  8. Bullwhip


  1. Founding member of the Silver Knights Joust Team
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