Justin Ray Thompson

Actor, Stuntman, Stunt Choreographer

A.F.T.R.A., A.E.A. elig.

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Justin is from North Phoenix, Arizona. Justin and his wife Kimberly were married on Sept. 25th, 1999 on the joust field under a beautiful full moon. They have a great son named William Marshal Thompson, and now live in the San Francisco Bay area. Justin has performed in and around New York City for 16 years, and played various knights and heroes for 10 summers at the New York Renaissance festival where he jousted for as many years. Along with Mike, Chris, and Alen, Justin is a founding member of the Silver Knights.


Acting Resume

TELEVISION & FILM_______________

PROFESSIONAL THEATRE_______________ Macbeth


SPECIAL ABILITIES_______________

Stunt Shows

knight photo

Stage Actor/combatant

Able to execute and choreograph various types of combat...
  1. Sword fights
    1. Broadsword
    2. Broadsword on horseback
    3. jump photo

    4. Broadsword and shield
    5. 2 Broadswords vs. 2 Broadswords
    6. Rapier
    7. Rapier on horseback
    8. Rapier/Dagger
    9. Rapier and cloak
    10. Spear throwing from horseback
    11. Spear and shield
    rapier/buckler fight

  2. Other
    1. Quarterstaff
    2. Knife
    3. Unarmed fights
    1. punches
    2. slaps
    3. Aikido hand to hand
    4. Grappling

Robin Hood/sword

Additional Abilities...
  1. Advanced equestrian
    1. English and western saddle
    2. 4 ft. jumps
    3. Competitive jousting
    4. Ring jousting
    5. Mounted swordfights
    6. Mounted tournament games/sword

  1. Motorcycle
    1. Slides and turns
    2. 3 ft. jumps
    3. Wheelie
    4. Archery
    5. Bullwhip

Robin Hood

Capt. America

  1. Founding member of the Silver Knights Joust Team
  2. Member of NYFE, The New York Fight Ensemble
  3. Links

  4. MythTickle
  5. Twin Comics
  6. Mad Dolphin
  7. E-mail Justin