The Christmas Tales

A series of 4 funny Christmas stories.
In one story, a Christmas Knight gets a little confused. In the others poor ol' Santa thinks he's having a tough time but just wait until he gets help from some very unlikely sources.

Here's an excerpt from 2 of The Christmas tales...

All the knights gathered and decked the halls,
To listen to their King.
"God rest ye merry gentlemen." he said,
And he spoke of the dragon Belzring.

"Slay Belzring! Are you listenin'?" he said,
All but one knight turned and took flight.
The wizard named Rudy the Red just smiled,
At the one called the silent knight.


So the elves have all quit us?"
Said Santa distressed.
"Yes," said the Mrs.,
"They've joined U.P.S.!

We've lost every toy maker,
Dresser and tester,
To better wages, benefits,
And brown polyester!"

"Darn it," he cried,
"I've got naught on my shelves!
It's almost Christmas,
And I've got no elves!"

Recommended for ages 4-144

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